Season 1 ep. 1

26 Dic

My name is Abed, by the way.
Abed, ah…Nice to know you and then meet you in that order.
Now, about the question that I have
Oh, ah. 11:05 when you ask.
¿What’s the deal with the hot girl from Spanish class?

Oh! Hey! Spanish!
Yeah, don’t hit on me, ok?
Ah…I wouldn’t dream of it.
I just wanted to let you know about my Spanish study group.
Oh, wow, the guy who plays Bejeweled on his iPhone all classes has a study group?

Abed in the house!
Britta invited me, It’s that cool?
I can’t think on a simple logical reason why not.
There you go.
Hey, here. Put your contact info down right there. That’s great.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
This is kind like “Breakfast club” huh?
We are in a library.

I’m a professor. You can’t talk to me that way!
A six-year-old girl could talk to you that way!
Yes, because that would be adorable!
No, because you’re a five-year-old girl and there’s a pecking order!
Fine, I’ll do it!
Thank you.

It is a disaster in there.
yeah, untutorable.
Do you like Thai food? I love Thai food.
Wait, so… so, this is a game to you? You put human beings into a state of emotional shambles for a shot at getting in my pants?
Why can’t you see that for the compliment that it is?

You know what?
Jeff, actually we didn’t get that far without you, so, if you wanna come back upstairs…
Well, it is your study group, so.
C’mon. Let’s study.
Sounds good.
I’m sorry I called you Michael Douglas and I see your value now.
Well, That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.



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