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The crazy ones – Steve Jobs

29 Dic

Steve jobs ha marcado la vida de muchas personas. Tanto de todos ustedes como de mí. Es un genio inigualable. Sin duda todos lo amamos. Siempre será así. Créeme, este video ya sea si lo has visto antes o no, te va a tocar en el alma.

En inglés:

Here’s to the crazy ones
The misfits. The rebels. The trouble makers
The round pegs in the square holes
The ones who see things differently
They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo
You can quote them, disagree with them
glorify or vilify them
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them
Because they change things
They push the human race forward
while some may see them as the crazy ones
we see genius
Because the people who are crazy enough to think
they can change the world
are the ones who do.

Una de sus frases que más me gustan 🙂

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

Una vez más, no se puede conectar los puntos mirando hacia adelante, solamente pueden conectarlos mirando hacia el pasado. Así que tienes que confiar en que los puntos de alguna manera se conectarán en el futuro. Tienes que confiar en algo – tu instinto, el destino, la vida, el karma, lo que sea. Esta perspectiva nunca me ha decepcionado, y ha hecho toda la diferencia en mi vida.
En español:
Esto es para los locos.
Los inadaptados.
Los rebeldes.
Los problemáticos.
Las clavijas redondas en los orificios cuadrados.
Los que ven las cosas de manera diferente.
Ellos no siguen las reglas.
Y no tienen ningún respeto por lo establecido.
Puedes citarlos.
Estar en desacuerdo con ellos.
Glorificarlos o denigrarlos.
Pero lo único que no puedes hacer…
…es ignorarlos.
Porque ellos cambian las cosas.
E impulsan a la humanidad.
Mientras algunos los ven como locos,
nosotros vemos genios.
Porque las personas que están lo suficientemente locas como para pensar que pueden cambiar al mundo.
Son los que lo hacen.

Season 1 ep. 2

26 Dic

I guess jeff is running late again.
Oh, what a shame. Maybe we should get started…
Oh, no, no, no. I think we should wate for Jeff before we start studying.
But maybe when jeff gets here we can talk to him as a group about his tardiness.
Oh, C’mon. Don’t use that word around Abed.

Hey, Abed. Real stories…They don’t have spoilers.
You understand that TV and life are different, right?

My ladie. My lord.
Hey, baby. Hi, sweetie.
Smells nice, vitamine P. Morning, Jeffrey.
What and up?? It’s everywhere.
Good entrance. It was for you. Trank you.
Britta. Hey Jeff.

Would you tell us more about Guatemala?
I never went to a real college. I want to be political.
Well, that’s good. You guys should discover this stuff on your own.
Yeah, but we need your help.
We’ve been leaving on the wrong side of the looking glass.
You’re like Jodie Foster or Susan Sarandon.
You rather keep it real than be likeable.
Can you at least tell us what to google?

Every once in a while, students come up to me and ask “Senor Chang, Why do you teach spanish?
They say it just like that.
Why do YOU…teach spanish?
Why not Math? Why not photography?
Why not Marcial Arts?
Well I’ll tell you why I teach spanish.
It is not of your business, ok?

Hola. Me llamo Abed.
Hola. Me llamo Troy.
¿Dónde está la biblioteca?
La biblioteca está en la ciudad.

Nice sign
Thanks, I like what you’ve done with the place.
I think I was a little too harsh with you.
I’m not perfect.

That doesn’t sound fair to me at all.
Pierce, I understand if you don’t wanna be my friend.
But this thing that we created, it is bigger than the both of us and it deserve to be done right.
Ok, guys…Why are there costumes involved? These are short conversations, they’re not supposed to take…
…Your breath away? Well, tough.

I’m impressed.
Well, how do you know I didn’t do it just to get another shot at you.
‘Cause a smart guy like you would know that no women of that class would
be able of look at you as a sexually viable candidate ever again.
No. I know. I thought of that.
She look back.

Spanish 101

Intro song

26 Dic

Give me some rope
Tie me to dream
Give me the hope
To run out of steam

Somebody said
It could be here
We could be roped up, tied up

Dead in a year
I can’t count the reasons I should stay
One by one they all just fade away

At least it was here

Season 1 ep. 1

26 Dic

My name is Abed, by the way.
Abed, ah…Nice to know you and then meet you in that order.
Now, about the question that I have
Oh, ah. 11:05 when you ask.
¿What’s the deal with the hot girl from Spanish class?

Oh! Hey! Spanish!
Yeah, don’t hit on me, ok?
Ah…I wouldn’t dream of it.
I just wanted to let you know about my Spanish study group.
Oh, wow, the guy who plays Bejeweled on his iPhone all classes has a study group?

Abed in the house!
Britta invited me, It’s that cool?
I can’t think on a simple logical reason why not.
There you go.
Hey, here. Put your contact info down right there. That’s great.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
This is kind like “Breakfast club” huh?
We are in a library.

I’m a professor. You can’t talk to me that way!
A six-year-old girl could talk to you that way!
Yes, because that would be adorable!
No, because you’re a five-year-old girl and there’s a pecking order!
Fine, I’ll do it!
Thank you.

It is a disaster in there.
yeah, untutorable.
Do you like Thai food? I love Thai food.
Wait, so… so, this is a game to you? You put human beings into a state of emotional shambles for a shot at getting in my pants?
Why can’t you see that for the compliment that it is?

You know what?
Jeff, actually we didn’t get that far without you, so, if you wanna come back upstairs…
Well, it is your study group, so.
C’mon. Let’s study.
Sounds good.
I’m sorry I called you Michael Douglas and I see your value now.
Well, That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.


¿Jeff y Annie? o ¿Jeff y Britta?

22 Dic

Adiós Harry…

22 Dic

Con tan solo leer “Harry Potter” muchos recordamos nuestra infancia y todos los años creciendo y disfrutando junto a Harry, Ron y Hermione. Desafortunadamente ha acabado. Pero aún nos quedan tantos recuerdos, todas las películas y los libros. Sin duda no es la mejor película que hay (ni se acerca), pero lo que nos hace amar esta película son los personajes tan entrañables con quienes nos hemos llegado a encariñar. ¡¡Aunque tal vez sí gana en ser la mejor película de magos!!

El niño que vivió…Aww, el primer capítulo del libro que empezó todo. Harry Potter tiene una fantástica historia, llena de acción, romance, heroísmo, y mucho más. ¿¿Quién no ha vivido las mejores aventuras junto a este trío??

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley: Nuestros grandes héroes, quienes definitavemente no son los magos más fuertes de Hogwarts pero atrapan nuestros corazones, pelean como todos los héroes por el bien. La nobleza de Harry se ha notado en tantas escenas y en tantas páginas. La inteligencia de Hermione no tiene límites, aunque tal vez, como pensó Harry también, el padre de Luna tiene razón, es una mente cerrada. Y…Ron Weaasly, aww, ¿Cómo no quererlo? desde la uno siempre ha sido muy carismático, miedoso y con unas épicas discusiones que tenía con Hermione, la chica que se iba a convertir en su esposa y la madre de sus hijos. Aunque para ser sincera, a mí siempre me ha gustado más Harry/Hermione que Ron/Hermione. Pero bueno, al ir leyendo el libro, tuve que ir aceptándolo.

A todos nos ha encantado ver a nuestros protagonistas crecer.

Y aunque nos duela, ha llegado la despedida…Pero siempre deseosos y manteniendo la esperanza de que Hogwarts abra sus puertas de nuevo.